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Why do electricians use Klein tools? - Quora- do electricians use linesman pliers to cuts ,And why we will fight over them? Simple, they are still best tools for the work. Their designs are based on years of fining tuning, the reliable, comfortable, and will just about last your career taken care of. I have some of their screwdrivers an...Lineman's pliers - WikipediaLineman's pliers (US English), Kleins (genericized trademark, US usage), linesman pliers (Canadian English) [citation needed] and combination pliers (UK / US English), or side-cutting pliers are a type of pliers used by linemen, electricians, and other tradesmen primarily for gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wire, cable and small metalwork components.

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Similarly one may ask, what do lineman pliers look like? Lineman's pliers are used in the electrical trade to cut, straighten, and bend wire, and also to twist wires together when making splices. Lineman's pliers are similar to needle-nose pliers : both tools share a typically solid, machined forged steel construction, durable pivot, gripping nose and cutting craw.

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Electricians use a variety of special pliers to connect wires and separate insulation. For this task, linesman pliers are a popular choice. With wire cutting facilities, you can cut through the insulation of an electrical cable and close a small section to expose bare wire.

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